January 16, 2009

Big Mac's are tall for their age!



I feel like it's been years since my last post!

Where to begin?

Here I suppose:

Christmas was good. Carley got way more then she can ever play with, and there are still unopened toys in her closet. She got the MP3 Player that she was hoping for. Good ol' Saint Nick came through with that one! Jamie got some dude stuff that included a couple of Wii games. I have to recommend Resident Evil for the Wii. It's 2 player! We only played once, but it was really fun. Maybe I will challenge Jamie to a game tonight....
I GOT MY CAMERA! I was so totally stoked! I would have killed Jamie if he hadn't gotten it for me! As it is, he came through. That is the first time I have ever gotten what I actually asked for, for Christmas! It was awesome! I got a few other things, but the camera was the best. I have used it so many times since I got it and it's only January. All the pics are on my myspace page, but I'm sure I will post some on here sometime.

New Years was great! We had a little "get together" that actually turned out to be a full blown party! It was so much fun! Lots of booze, lots of dancin, lots of fire, and lots of fun! The kissing at midnight was rad as well. I went around the party and kissed almost everyone! I'm such a dirty little whore! LOL... Relax..... it was just little kisses. *muah!*

A good friend, Jay, came in for Christmas to visit his family, and he got to hang out with us pretty much the whole time he was home. We took him out on the 7th for a farewell drunk night, and ended up having a BLAST! I even got him to dance with me! He danced me out after that though. Might have had something to do with the amount of booze consumed, but I'm just guessing there. :) They have a Sexy Lifeguard contest at the bar we go to and Jamie got Jay to enter in that. It was SO funny!!! I was really hoping he would win, but alas, a big buff guy stole the show. Said big buff guy then proceeded to pick me up and turn me upside down on the dance floor. Fun. Let me tell ya. I hope that he had as much fun as we did. I feel like we at least sent him home with some unforgettable memories. :)

So, that brings us to present day. I know I didn't get all of the break in there, but I'm sure you don't want every little detail either. If you do, too bad for you.

THE CARDINALS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!! 1st time in the Cards history! I am so excited for the game Sunday! It's going to be great. Even more great when we win!


Why does McDonald's feel the need to tell me how GREAT their food is on their packaging? I have been eating there for most of my life. I know what McDonald's tastes like. I know it's NOT great. It's fast fucking food. I don't need words to fancy up my lunch. Just give me the damn burger and be done with it!

I was thinking about buses the other day. I don't think that I've ever seen a bus turn left. They are always in the right lane so that they can pick people up. I've seem them turn right. I have not seen a bus turn left. Do you think they design the routes so that they don't have to turn left, or is it just that I have not been lucky enough to catch a bus turning left? Just a small something to ponder. I could probably look it up on Wikipedia, but I don't care that much. It's just something I was thinking about. (Spell check does not know the word Wikipedia, lol)


Cool stuff happening this weekend! No idea what we are doing tonight. Probably nothing. Saturday we have a surprise party for our friend Wayne. After that the girls and I are going to hit the bar. Sunday is the BIG GAME as I mentioned earlier. Even better? My boss is letting me come in at noon! KICK ASS! It's going to be pretty cool. I may have some great pics to post here next week. I know you can't wait! LOL!

Catch you on Monday at noon (or later)!