December 21, 2010

Hmm... will it work?

Wow has it been too long since I have updated!
Life has been crazy, as usual, but good. Great friends, great husband, great daughter! I even have a better job! As for my last post… No school… nothing but the run around again!

The real reason I am updating is because I am going to try something new. What better reason to update, right? This very minute I am waiting for the delivery of my electronic cigarette! YEAY! I have always been the type of person to try to recognize my own shortcomings. With smoking, I have never tried to quit because I knew that I would not succeed, I would only succeed in making myself and others around me miserable! I figured why put myself and others through that just to start smoking again? Well, the time has come! With the invention of the FANTASTIC E-Cigarette I feel like I can actually attempt quitting. It may take me a long time, but I feel like I have a better chance of actually quitting this way! For those of you who don’t know or haven’t heard the e-cigarette is a healthier version of a cigarette. I can gradually decrease the amount of nicotine I intake. I will no longer smell, I will feel better without all those toxins in my body, and I no longer need to worry about slowly poisoning my child with second hand smoke. Also, I can smoke ANYWHERE! I am very very excited! So I will try to keep up with the updates because I would like to be able to look back at them and see all that I went thru with this “experiment”. Wish me luck!