July 23, 2009

Weekend Fun and Monday Sadness

I have been trying to update since last Monday!!!! I was in the process of writing a new post when I found out that my Kitty had been killed over the weekend last weekend. :( It was a very sad day for my husband and I. Stinky was our first cat together. She earned her name when we first picked her up from the human society. She had a terrible upper respiratory infection and she stank to high heaven. So Jamie decided that Stinky should be her name and it just stuck! She was a great cat. I had her when Jamie was in training for his job and he was away all the time. She would sleep with me every night. This was a cat the cuddled!!! She was a whiney bitchy cat, but most cats are and I loved her dearly. It makes my heart heavy for her to be gone.

R.I.P. Stinky. I love you!


I had a fantastic vacation! Jamie and I went to Minnesota for a Marriage Enrichment. It's great stuff they teach us, and everything is paid for! We had a big 'ole blast up there. There's not much to do, but we found enough fun for 20 people! LOL

We flew in on Thursday and checked into the hotel. This Hotel was decent but not worth what Jamie's work paid for it, that's for sure! Here's a picture of our window in our room-

Yup! That little sliver of light was our window! Even better was the view! All we could see was the Roof! Terrible! Totally not worth the money paid. I would have been mad if we had had to pay out of pocket, that's for sure! This is what the weather looked like all weekend too! It was a cold 65 degrees and sunny when we got there Thursday, but by Friday it was in the 50's and cloudy! For sure a change from our 115 degrees!!

So we checked in and got ready and went downtown. Jamie made us Dinner reservations at a Brazilian Steakhouse. LET ME TELL YOU!!!! If you EVER have the chance to eat at a Brazilian Steakhouse, TAKE IT! This was probably the most fabulous dinner I have ever had!

This is Directly from the Website-

Dining Experience
Step 1: Sit down, relax, and enjoy a drink while we explain the Fogo® dining experience.
Step 2: Visit our gourmet salad and sides bar. Enjoy over 30 items including fresh cut vegetables, imported cheeses, cured meats and Brazilian side dishes.
Step 3: Turn your card green side up, signaling that you are ready for our gaucho chefs to begin tableside service.
Step 4: Choose from the 15 cuts of delectable fire roasted meats that are brought to your table, sliced, and served by our gaucho chefs. (They all walk by your table with Meat on skewers and offer you what they have. It was amazing!)
Step 5: When you are satisfied, flip the disc to the red side until you are ready for more offerings.
Step 6: If you wish, end the meal with one of our delicious desserts.

These are all of the different types of meats they have-

Our signature steak, Picanha is a prime cut of top sirloin. The picanha cut is very popular in the churrascarias of Southern Brazil. At Fogo de Chão, our gaucho chefs carefully carve each piece, just as the gauchos before them have done for hundreds of years.
Fogo® prepares picanha two different ways. We offer the traditional light seasoning, and a more robust garlic seasoned version. Both are equally delicious and grilled to juicy perfection.

fil-AY min-YON
Filet mignon is known as the most tender of cuts. At Fogo, our gaucho chefs expertly prepare your filet mignon from the most flavorful part of the beef tenderloin. Once seasoned, the filet is grilled to perfect tenderness.
For those who prefer filet mignon wrapped in bacon, Fogo® offers a delicious bacon-wrapped version. Each delectable piece is seasoned lightly and grilled rotisserie style.

beef AN-cho
Beef ancho is cut from the prime part of the rib eye. The beautiful marbling on the rib eye provides its superb flavor, juiciness and texture, making this one of the most popular steaks at Fogo®.
The gaucho chefs know that such a finely marbled cut of beef needs a light hand when it comes to seasoning. They apply just a touch before grilling the steak, rotisserie style.

Alcatra is a special cut of top sirloin originating in the steakhouses of Southern Brazil. Like picanha, alcatra is a popular cut in Brazil. The gaucho chefs at Fogo® custom cut each piece of alcatra for our guests.
Many of our Brazilian-trained gaucho chefs hone their skills in our restaurants in Brazil before coming to the United States. It is there they learn to properly cut alcatra, season it lightly, and grill it to delicious perfection.

In Brazil, bottom sirloin is called fraldinha. Though it may be difficult to pronounce, you will enjoy the taste of fraldinha. Because of the strong marbling characteristics, fraldinha has an unmatched juiciness and robust flavor. Whenever people gather on a farm in Southern Brazil to enjoy churrasco (bbq), fraldinha is sure to be on the grill.
Fraldinha is one of the most distinctive and flavorful cuts of meat from Southern Brazil. At Fogo, our gaucho chefs hand select and grill each piece of fraldinha before carving it tableside for our guests.

Tender, juicy beef ribs expertly prepared by the gaucho chefs at Fogo®. These fall-off-the-bone ribs are first lightly seasoned. Then they are grilled for several hours to capture their rich natural flavor.
A favorite in Southern Brazil, our gaucho chefs proudly offer costela to Fogo’s North American guests as well.

Cordeiro is how Brazilians say fresh lamb. And Fogo® is known for our savory preparation of cordeiro.
The gaucho chefs at Fogo de Chão® offer guests both succulent lamb chops and tender leg of lamb, imported from New Zealand. Each is gently flavored with our special fresh mint marinade, perfectly grilled and served tableside.

In Brazil, frango means chicken. Following the tradition of the churrascarias of Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil, Fogo’s gaucho chefs prepare frango two different ways. Guests may enjoy chicken legs lightly basted in our special marinade. Or, savor our bacon wrapped chicken breasts kissed with a hint of seasoning.

co-STELL-a gee PO-co
Mouthwatering baby back pork ribs skillfully roasted by Fogo’s Brazilian-trained gaucho chefs. A favorite in the churrascarias of Southern Brazil, the secret to costela de porco at Fogo de Chão® is the seasoning. A careful blend of our wet and dry rub keep the ribs tender and enhance their natural flavor.
Another house specialty from Southern Brazil, the gaucho chefs at Fogo de Chão® start by hand selecting the finest pork loin available. The pork loin is sliced into filets and encrusted with a rich Parmesan cheese coating before roasting over an open flame. The result is a unique and delectable flavor.
Linguica is a Brazilian-style, cured pork sausage. The sausage originated in Portugal, and gained popularity in Brazil during colonial times. At Fogo, our linguica is flavored with our own special blend of seasonings, created to complement the many flavors of churrasco (bbq).
Brazilian linguica is known for its wonderfully robust flavor. The gaucho chefs at Fogo® prepare linguica on the rotisserie until the outside is perfectly crisp and the inside is hot and juicy. For centuries, linguica has been an integral part of the churrascaria experience.

All of these cuts of meat were amazing!!! There was some chicken in there too, but I don't see it on this menu. Anyway, it was the cream of the crop as far as meats go. AND, not only do they have all of these meats, but they have a Salad Bar and Side Dishes to go with it all!!! Needless to say Jamie and I were stuffed by the time we got out of there. It was awesome.

Before dinner we had drinks at a place called Sneaky Pete's (yes babes, you were right) and that was a cool little bar. Well we ened up going back there after we ate and had a TOTAL BLAST!!!!!

This was our bartender posing with one of our cards. She was SO friendly.

We are such goof balls!

Friday and Saturday we went to The Mall of America. It's a CRAZY place.

You go in this entrance and go up the escaltor and the first thing you see at the top is this Carousel! They have an entire amusement park in the middle of the mall!

Here is the log ride. It goes right up next to the side of the 3rd floor. It's crazy looking over a blaconey at this!

We went up the the 4th floor and they have a Cantina there and Jamie got this burrito. The biggest burrito I have ever seen!

Saturday we went back to the mall and went to Bubba Gumps. After that we went next door and hung out at Kokomo's and they have these little Tiki guys everywhere. Cute!

So all in all it was a great vacation. This last Saturday we had a birthday party for our Friend Tom. That was a lot of fun, but my Camera wasn't charged and I couldn't find the charger, so I don't have any pictures!

Anyway, I'm glad I finally got this post up, and I'm sure I'll have another update for you shortly.