October 31, 2008

Random Link Friday

I know that this link should be Halloween related, but I just can't pass up the opportunity to post this link!

I found this off of another blog, mimismartypants, in one of her older entries.

This is just so fan-fucking-tastic!


-Enjoying Hamster's BIG BALLS


October 30, 2008

Craaaazy.... Crazy for feeeeelin... so ANXIOUS!

OMG! I'm so ready to be on vacation! I think Jamie got it right yesterday when he said "I'm not even here right now. Right now, I'm in the Bellagio sipping an $18.00 margarita!" I feel the same way. My brain is SO already on vacation! I have officially checked into my hotel and am sitting at a penny slot trying to win 260,00 pennies again!

I think the bast part about going is that I finally get to go to SEMA. I have been hearing about SEMA for the last 7 years! Every year come November, that's all Jamie talks about. We have been trying to go for the last 2 years, and it just never worked out. I'm very happy that he finally gets to go again, and I get to be with him when he does. Awesome! SEMA is THE PREMIRE aftermarket car parts show. If it's aftermarket, it will be there.

We are going to see Zumanity on Wednesday night. I'm totally excited for that, too.

I am even more excited now that I read this review:

Show Review

An erotic journey to the sensual side of Cirque du Soleil
By Pj Pérez

From the moment you enter the Zumanity Theatre at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino, the sense of something "different" surrounds you. A lobby reminiscent of a classic opera house, complete with a winding staircase leading up to balcony seats, creates a sophisticated, alluring feeling. Moving toward the entrance to the theater proper, cushioned walls covered in soft fabric summon you forward, shades of red and blue creating a sensual atmosphere before even being seated.
Inside, the European opera house feeling is reinforced. Unlike other Cirque du Soleil productions, this purpose-built theater -- like Zumanity itself -- does not involve a lot of technical trickery or mechanical constructs. It is intimate and refined, a seemingly simple stage with an extended apron protruding from beneath gorgeous dark red curtains. Winding staircases flank both sides of the stage, leading up to a movable platform for the Zumanity Orchestra -- the interactive house band that provides the live soundtrack for the show.
Well before the show begins, characters appear from all sides, interacting with audience members in their individual, playfully erotic ways. Latin lothario Antonio arouses the interest of women (and some men) with his irresistible gigolo charm, while the lusciously voluptuous Botero Sisters -- in matching risqué maid uniforms -- offer fresh strawberries to audience members, managing to squeeze themselves into tightly packed aisles with comical results.
Zumanity begins organically, with the various preshow characters merging on stage with more of the cast, until the emcee appears to guide the audience through the show, beginning with a brief introduction to each character as they parade down the catwalk to the fanfare of drums and horns.
Unlike recent Cirque productions, Zumanity makes no attempt at a storyline. In true cabaret style, each act stands alone, the only connecting factor being the emcee's narrative songs and jokes. But the elements still come together smoothly, transitions eased by music and subtle set changes.
Despite the warm, sensual atmosphere, Zumanity still features dazzling displays of human capabilities stretched to their limits. Sara Joel and Stéphan Choinière demonstrate amazing strength and balance as they support each other in Kama Sutra-inspired positions. Gyulnara Karaeva and Bolormaa engage in an astonishing display of poise, beauty and skill in and on a giant water bowl. The beautiful Olga Vershinina performs with acrobatic grace high above the stage, suspended only by her own strength and skill upon two lengths of silk.
Zumanity is not all beauty and elegance, however. It also touches on the darker side of eroticism, on the primal urges of our natures and on the topics that much of our society deems "deviant." Tragic beauty Robyn struggles with nylon straps, dangling from the rafters, climaxing in an autoerotic act of ecstasy. Sweet and gorgeous Elena performs an alluring dance on and around a television set to distract her football-focused and neglectful lover. Caged dancers Bernard Giaddis and Kevin Gibbs struggle, cheered on by other prisoners, until they finally embrace in a passionate kiss.
A comedic quartet appears sporadically throughout the proceedings to break up the tension and remind us all that sex should always be -- above all else -- fun. When you boil down the multiple elements of Zumanity, that's really the underlying theme: Though some of the acts present serious images of eroticism, we should never forget that our bodies and our lives are meant for pure pleasure and sheer joy -- and that joy is meant to be shared.

It just sounds like a really awesome experience. I'm very excited to go. I just can't believe it's still 4 days away! I think next week is going to be a very good week for us! I'm just going to try to be patient and pretend to be interested in work. :)

-Dying to see the sensual side!

My Ebay Halloween!

Oh Ebay... How I love thee.... Let me count the ways..... you enable people to advertise their used crap in creative and inventive ways!

I thought I would do an EBay Halloween blog today. All of these items were found on the first page after searching the word "Halloween"... Some of these take some imagination to be advertised as Halloween items. Each of the items has the actual tag line from the post.

N Killer Wolf Werewolf Gloves Hands Costume Halloween
I think there is something to be said for the man who buys these gloves. If you want to dress up as a werewolf, why would you purchase just the gloves? Let's say you did purchase the whole costume, why would you only try to sell the gloves from it? Why not the whole costume? I suppose I will never know the answer to these taunting questions.
Vintage Wooden Halloween Noise Maker Occupied Japan

Now, why would a noisemaker be qualified as Halloween? Noise makers are for New Years Eve, and little kids Birthday parties. What's with the Occupied Japan part? Is this noisemaker THAT VINTAGE? If so... maybe it shouldn't be sold as a Halloween gag gift that some 8 yr old will break in 10 seconds? People always amaze me.
Vint Halloween Sweet Girl Ghosts & Cat 8 Paper Naokins

This item cracks me up in more ways than one! I wonder if the inventor of Spell Check pulls his hair out when he sees titles like these? He's got to wonder why he invented such a thing if no one uses it! Plus, it's a VINT NAPKIN! OOOOOOHHHH!!!!! I'm assuming that's supposed to mean vintage. Please! It's from the 70's and it's probably falling apart inside! Collect all 8!

MOOSE HAT head cap Halloween COSTUME Elk hunter mask

This is probably my favorite item! It's a Moose! NO! Wait, it's a HAT! No no! It's a MOOSE HAT! "Dude, I got the PERFECT COSTUME! We should wear it while we take the short cut through the forest! Plus, it doubles as a disguise when we go hunting!" WOW-O!


I think the title says it all. I just shake my head and say WTF!! Oh yeah... the Buy It Now price is $69.99. I'm not joking either.

Hot Topic Halloween Skin Jewelry

Yes, Please! Cute Bat!

Halloween Specail costume custome made

Again, I apologize to the poor misguided inventor of Spell Check. Poor dude. This is a pretty bad ass mask though. I'm pretty sure it's mass marketed and not hand made, but I still like it. It's got a lot of spookiness in it. You don't see this quality of mask everyday.

Doggie Dress-Up Dog /Cat Clown Custome Outfit Halloween

Where would Halloween be now, if someone didn't think of the Pet Costume. I love this because the title says it's a dog/cat costume and it clearly states on the package that it's for a dog. It's just so great. Seller: "Please just someone buy this stupid thing! OH! I know! I'll say it can go on a cat too. Cat's LOVE to dress up! Especially as a Clown!"


Boutique AMAZING Baby Bib SMOCK Fall Halloween NEW

Just another fine example of 'Please get this crap out of my house.... I'll call it whatever you want me to!' I honestly didn't know they even made smocks for babies. Horrible.


You now what they say! Japan: Producing 85% of the worlds weird shit since 1982!
So Halloween is upon us! Tomorrow is the big day. Hope all goes well for you trick or treaters! Happy Halloween!!!
-Anime Porn is good!

October 29, 2008


Halloween was rampant in our house last night. We carved pumpkins while watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! It was the most I've felt Halloween-ey in a very long time.
There's just something to be said for hearing "You DUMB BLOCKHEAD!!!" over and over again. It was great!

Here's a picture of our lovely pumpkin guts. This does not do justice to how much we actually had. 4 pumpkins = a lot of guts!

I snuck in this shot of Jamie when he wasn't paying attention. Love it! He's like uh, Yeah!

Jamie took this one of Carley and I. Poor Carley gets the eyes closed shot every time!

Carley was so excited about carving pumpkins. She got to carve the whole thing herself. She got a little frustrated that the pieces wouldn't come out, but all in all she did great. The first picture is her scooping the guts out. Man she loved that part. Gooey Sticky Pumpkin Crap! Yeay! Second picture is her carving it.

I thought I would throw in some random dog pics just to throw you off. Sam is getting so big! He's a picture whore! He was barking the whole time Jamie was taking his picture. He's inseparable from his bones too. At least it's not my shoes! We'd have skinned dog pictures if it were my shoes.

He's such a cute dog. I think that's the only thing that saves him from death! Here's my finished pumpkin. I don't think I have ever had a pumpkin I didn't screw up on! There is supposed to be more to the mask side of the face. It broke. :( I was sad.

Jamie's 2 pumpkins. Fabulous!!!! I like the skeleton one. Jamie drew that free hand!The other is a Witch.
Here's Jamie's 2 pumpkins, and mine all finished.
Here's Carley's finished product. BEAUTIFUL! I think she will be an artist someday! The title of this pattern was "Fatty Batty". LOL! I think that's just dandy!

I wish this pic had come out better. She's just hammin it up!

Here's our family of pumpkins! Can't wait to light them up!

It was a pretty good night. We all had our fun doing the pumpkin thing. Thank goodness we only have to do it once a year! Dried pumkins guts are very hard to get off of the counter!
Well, gotta get going... almost time for lunch!

October 27, 2008

Monday.... So.... Sleeeeepy

Another Monday to suffer through. I'm so tired! I stayed up way too late playing Super Mario Galaxy on Wii. I ended up going to bed around 12:30 AM. Jamie is working crappy hours. We both hate it. Oh well, this week should be the only week he has to work it as next week we will be in VEGAS!

I'm still SUPER excited to be going. Tuesday - Saturday full of Vegas fun. I'm sure I will be more than ready to come home by Saturday. 5 days of Vegas is a little much. Usually by the 4th day I'm ready to sleep in my own bed and not be drunk anymore. :) EDIT: I have been sternly informed that we are going to Vegas for SEMA, not to have a 5 day drinking binge. HA! Still looking forward to the vacation though!

Friday we did nothing! It was nice. I think we were in bed by 9:30 PM! I tried to watch The Decent. It was so lame in the first 20 minutes I had to turn it off before all the gory good stuff! I was disappointed.

Saturday we went to the Halloween party. Everyone knew what my costume was! It was awesome. I think my husband is the only person in the WORLD that doesn't know who Carrie is. LOL, it was funny. Jamie was The KING from the Burger King commercials. It was super great.

We took a bunch of pictures, but when Jamie went to transfer them to the laptop, they all got erased! We were both pretty pissed. I wanted to post them here today. :*( I'm sad.

The party was pretty good, though. Jamie made Jungle Juice and I made Jell-o Shots. I made some Mojito ones, that turned out really strong, and they weren't that good. I also made some strawberry ones with vodka and those turned out really good. The Jungle Juice turned out really good, too! It was so tasty. The fruit wasn't so tasty, but who cares about the fruit! Wayne and I played a round of beer pong, with 2 other dudes and I remembered beer pong being a lot more fun then it really was. Plus, we mixed 2 kinds of beer in the cups, and THAT WAS DISGUSTING! Other then that there was the really shit faced dude that everyone at the party makes fun of. There were a lot of really good costumes too. Someone came as Lady Liberty, and there was Favor Flave. Our hosts were Devils, there was a white trash dude, a beer can guy, a sexy corrections office and her prisoner(Dept of Erections, you can see where that's going) and an evil joker. Then there were the people who don't like to play along and didn't wear a costume. There was a huge fire and plenty of booze!

Jamie started drinking right when we got there and was ready to go around 10:30 PM. I held out only a little bit longer. We were home by 11:30 PM, I think. We were both really tired from getting up at 7:30 AM that morning. We had fun though.

Now we are looking forward to this weekend being Halloween! Carley is impatiently waiting to get her costume on. She's super excited. We are going to get some pumpkins tonight. I think we are going to have to carve them on Thursday though, so it can be a family thing.

This weekend I also found out that I will be hosting 12 people for Thanksgiving! That's including us, so really it's only 8. This being my first Thanksgiving as a host, 8 people makes me a little nervous. What if I don't make enough? What if they hate the way I cook? *SIGH* Oh well, I guess I'll just go with the flow. I think we are going to make a half ham and a big turkey, just to make sure everyone eats, and everyone has left overs. Geez... I'm already thinking about Thanksgiving ands it's not even officially Halloween yet! That is why all the corporations out there put Christmas stuff out in October. For people like me!

Alrighty, I'm off to stare blankly at my screen for awhile. CAUSE I CAN! WHAHAHAA!

-Carrie says RAHR! HOW DARE YOU!?!