October 30, 2008

My Ebay Halloween!

Oh Ebay... How I love thee.... Let me count the ways..... you enable people to advertise their used crap in creative and inventive ways!

I thought I would do an EBay Halloween blog today. All of these items were found on the first page after searching the word "Halloween"... Some of these take some imagination to be advertised as Halloween items. Each of the items has the actual tag line from the post.

N Killer Wolf Werewolf Gloves Hands Costume Halloween
I think there is something to be said for the man who buys these gloves. If you want to dress up as a werewolf, why would you purchase just the gloves? Let's say you did purchase the whole costume, why would you only try to sell the gloves from it? Why not the whole costume? I suppose I will never know the answer to these taunting questions.
Vintage Wooden Halloween Noise Maker Occupied Japan

Now, why would a noisemaker be qualified as Halloween? Noise makers are for New Years Eve, and little kids Birthday parties. What's with the Occupied Japan part? Is this noisemaker THAT VINTAGE? If so... maybe it shouldn't be sold as a Halloween gag gift that some 8 yr old will break in 10 seconds? People always amaze me.
Vint Halloween Sweet Girl Ghosts & Cat 8 Paper Naokins

This item cracks me up in more ways than one! I wonder if the inventor of Spell Check pulls his hair out when he sees titles like these? He's got to wonder why he invented such a thing if no one uses it! Plus, it's a VINT NAPKIN! OOOOOOHHHH!!!!! I'm assuming that's supposed to mean vintage. Please! It's from the 70's and it's probably falling apart inside! Collect all 8!

MOOSE HAT head cap Halloween COSTUME Elk hunter mask

This is probably my favorite item! It's a Moose! NO! Wait, it's a HAT! No no! It's a MOOSE HAT! "Dude, I got the PERFECT COSTUME! We should wear it while we take the short cut through the forest! Plus, it doubles as a disguise when we go hunting!" WOW-O!


I think the title says it all. I just shake my head and say WTF!! Oh yeah... the Buy It Now price is $69.99. I'm not joking either.

Hot Topic Halloween Skin Jewelry

Yes, Please! Cute Bat!

Halloween Specail costume custome made

Again, I apologize to the poor misguided inventor of Spell Check. Poor dude. This is a pretty bad ass mask though. I'm pretty sure it's mass marketed and not hand made, but I still like it. It's got a lot of spookiness in it. You don't see this quality of mask everyday.

Doggie Dress-Up Dog /Cat Clown Custome Outfit Halloween

Where would Halloween be now, if someone didn't think of the Pet Costume. I love this because the title says it's a dog/cat costume and it clearly states on the package that it's for a dog. It's just so great. Seller: "Please just someone buy this stupid thing! OH! I know! I'll say it can go on a cat too. Cat's LOVE to dress up! Especially as a Clown!"


Boutique AMAZING Baby Bib SMOCK Fall Halloween NEW

Just another fine example of 'Please get this crap out of my house.... I'll call it whatever you want me to!' I honestly didn't know they even made smocks for babies. Horrible.


You now what they say! Japan: Producing 85% of the worlds weird shit since 1982!
So Halloween is upon us! Tomorrow is the big day. Hope all goes well for you trick or treaters! Happy Halloween!!!
-Anime Porn is good!

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