October 29, 2008


Halloween was rampant in our house last night. We carved pumpkins while watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! It was the most I've felt Halloween-ey in a very long time.
There's just something to be said for hearing "You DUMB BLOCKHEAD!!!" over and over again. It was great!

Here's a picture of our lovely pumpkin guts. This does not do justice to how much we actually had. 4 pumpkins = a lot of guts!

I snuck in this shot of Jamie when he wasn't paying attention. Love it! He's like uh, Yeah!

Jamie took this one of Carley and I. Poor Carley gets the eyes closed shot every time!

Carley was so excited about carving pumpkins. She got to carve the whole thing herself. She got a little frustrated that the pieces wouldn't come out, but all in all she did great. The first picture is her scooping the guts out. Man she loved that part. Gooey Sticky Pumpkin Crap! Yeay! Second picture is her carving it.

I thought I would throw in some random dog pics just to throw you off. Sam is getting so big! He's a picture whore! He was barking the whole time Jamie was taking his picture. He's inseparable from his bones too. At least it's not my shoes! We'd have skinned dog pictures if it were my shoes.

He's such a cute dog. I think that's the only thing that saves him from death! Here's my finished pumpkin. I don't think I have ever had a pumpkin I didn't screw up on! There is supposed to be more to the mask side of the face. It broke. :( I was sad.

Jamie's 2 pumpkins. Fabulous!!!! I like the skeleton one. Jamie drew that free hand!The other is a Witch.
Here's Jamie's 2 pumpkins, and mine all finished.
Here's Carley's finished product. BEAUTIFUL! I think she will be an artist someday! The title of this pattern was "Fatty Batty". LOL! I think that's just dandy!

I wish this pic had come out better. She's just hammin it up!

Here's our family of pumpkins! Can't wait to light them up!

It was a pretty good night. We all had our fun doing the pumpkin thing. Thank goodness we only have to do it once a year! Dried pumkins guts are very hard to get off of the counter!
Well, gotta get going... almost time for lunch!

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