October 27, 2008

Monday.... So.... Sleeeeepy

Another Monday to suffer through. I'm so tired! I stayed up way too late playing Super Mario Galaxy on Wii. I ended up going to bed around 12:30 AM. Jamie is working crappy hours. We both hate it. Oh well, this week should be the only week he has to work it as next week we will be in VEGAS!

I'm still SUPER excited to be going. Tuesday - Saturday full of Vegas fun. I'm sure I will be more than ready to come home by Saturday. 5 days of Vegas is a little much. Usually by the 4th day I'm ready to sleep in my own bed and not be drunk anymore. :) EDIT: I have been sternly informed that we are going to Vegas for SEMA, not to have a 5 day drinking binge. HA! Still looking forward to the vacation though!

Friday we did nothing! It was nice. I think we were in bed by 9:30 PM! I tried to watch The Decent. It was so lame in the first 20 minutes I had to turn it off before all the gory good stuff! I was disappointed.

Saturday we went to the Halloween party. Everyone knew what my costume was! It was awesome. I think my husband is the only person in the WORLD that doesn't know who Carrie is. LOL, it was funny. Jamie was The KING from the Burger King commercials. It was super great.

We took a bunch of pictures, but when Jamie went to transfer them to the laptop, they all got erased! We were both pretty pissed. I wanted to post them here today. :*( I'm sad.

The party was pretty good, though. Jamie made Jungle Juice and I made Jell-o Shots. I made some Mojito ones, that turned out really strong, and they weren't that good. I also made some strawberry ones with vodka and those turned out really good. The Jungle Juice turned out really good, too! It was so tasty. The fruit wasn't so tasty, but who cares about the fruit! Wayne and I played a round of beer pong, with 2 other dudes and I remembered beer pong being a lot more fun then it really was. Plus, we mixed 2 kinds of beer in the cups, and THAT WAS DISGUSTING! Other then that there was the really shit faced dude that everyone at the party makes fun of. There were a lot of really good costumes too. Someone came as Lady Liberty, and there was Favor Flave. Our hosts were Devils, there was a white trash dude, a beer can guy, a sexy corrections office and her prisoner(Dept of Erections, you can see where that's going) and an evil joker. Then there were the people who don't like to play along and didn't wear a costume. There was a huge fire and plenty of booze!

Jamie started drinking right when we got there and was ready to go around 10:30 PM. I held out only a little bit longer. We were home by 11:30 PM, I think. We were both really tired from getting up at 7:30 AM that morning. We had fun though.

Now we are looking forward to this weekend being Halloween! Carley is impatiently waiting to get her costume on. She's super excited. We are going to get some pumpkins tonight. I think we are going to have to carve them on Thursday though, so it can be a family thing.

This weekend I also found out that I will be hosting 12 people for Thanksgiving! That's including us, so really it's only 8. This being my first Thanksgiving as a host, 8 people makes me a little nervous. What if I don't make enough? What if they hate the way I cook? *SIGH* Oh well, I guess I'll just go with the flow. I think we are going to make a half ham and a big turkey, just to make sure everyone eats, and everyone has left overs. Geez... I'm already thinking about Thanksgiving ands it's not even officially Halloween yet! That is why all the corporations out there put Christmas stuff out in October. For people like me!

Alrighty, I'm off to stare blankly at my screen for awhile. CAUSE I CAN! WHAHAHAA!

-Carrie says RAHR! HOW DARE YOU!?!

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