October 3, 2008

Books Books Books!

I love to read!

I only have a handful of authors that I really like. I'm typically unable to try a new author, unless they come HIGHLY recommended by someone that I know and trust.

Lindy got me hooked on these books by Diana Gabaldon. Here's her website: http://www.its.caltech.edu/~gatti/gabaldon/gabaldon.html if you want to check them out.

I never would have read them if it wasn't for Lindy! Makes me feel like I'm maybe missing out on some good stuff by being narrow in my selection of authors, but I can't see myself spending $20 for a new book by an author that hasn't been tried and tested by my friends or myself... I can't shop in used book stores, and I have no idea why. :) Just one of my many odd quirks, I guess.


I was reading the Highlander Series by Diana. I'm currently waiting for the next book in the series. My patience is wearing thin, but waddaya gonna do? Wait... and wait... and wait!

It's a great bunch of books!!! It starts out about a women named Claire. She's a war nurse reuniting with her husband in Scotland after the end of the war. Which war, I'm not sure of b/c I didn't much like that part of the book, so I didn't pay much attention. The beginning started really slow and then BAM! She touches a stone and it takes her back 200 years! Things really get great from there and the books get so involved that i can't put them down.

The really great thing about this series is that they are actual NOVELS. Not the crap they pass off for novel's now adays, but actual 900+ pages of great writing! It's sad and funny and great stuff. They just don't make books like that very often anymore. I find myself feeling cheated when a book ends before 500 pages anymore! I got spoiled! Check out those books though. They are a really great read.

I just ordered a bunch of books from Barnes & Noble. Most of them are Pre-orders, so I'm trying to wait patiently for these as well. I thought I'd give them a shout out on my blog because.... well, just because I'm pretty bored and have nothing better to do. :) How's that for honesty? LOL

These are the ones that are coming right away:

This is for Carley.... obviously. LOL, I actually like these books a lot too. They are fun to read to her, and she's can read them on her own with no problems. I especially like the book, If you Give a Pig a Pancake. That's one of the greats of our time right there! I like the If You take a Mouse to School books too. Short, to the point, funny. Great combo. She's going to get this one for Christmas though. Lame for a kid, I know, but It's one more present she can see under the tree and get excited about.

I mainly ordered this book because I really like Bones the TV show. I had no idea that the show was based on this series until like 2 weeks ago. I thought I'd give it a whirl. I guess there are like 10 books already written! If I like it then I have a bunch of stuff to read for awhile. I hate running out of stuff to read.
The 3rd book that I ordered that's coming right away is a secret.... It's for Jamie for Christmas also, so I don't want to give anything away... Well, OK maybe one hint....... It's about something really cool. HA!
PRE-Ordered Books:
Release Date: 12/09/08
I typically don't like to read Iris Johansen for a couple reasons. 1. She's very wordy about stuff 2. The dialogue in her books isn't all that top notch and 3. She's got all this "oh! woe is me!" stuff about all of her female characters and the guy characters all have some hard past experience (that no NORMAL male would have ever had in their NORMAL life) that makes them all assholes, until the very end when they screw the chick and then do her wrong and then save the day anyway and get redeemed. Whew... That being said, this book actually seemed like it might be better then all of that. So I'm going to try it on for size. If it's a disappointment, all's well.... Nothing I didn't expect anyway....

Release Date: 11/25/08

I'm a HUGE FAN of Dean Koontz. I even subscribe to his website! Lame, I know... Anyway, I'm hoping this book is FANTABULOUS because his latest books aren't that great either. Good, but not DEAN KOONTZ GREAT. I don't know what it is...
I do love the Odd Thomas series though. Odd is a great character.

Release Date: 11/11/08

I ALWAYS say that I am done buying Stephen King books. Always, always, always! After every book that comes out I purchase, read, and say "wow, that really blew goats! What happened to good 'ole Stephen that used to make me almost pee my pants cause he was so goo at being so scary???" I always vow to stop buying his books, and then a new one comes out and I see it and think... well, maybe this will be his comeback book! So, I'm putting my faith in the Stephen King comeback with a book of his short stories. I'm hoping they are OLD short stories, pre-accident Stephen. That's probably a horrible thing to say, but it's just the way I feel... NEXT!
Release Date: 11/04/08

I love JD Robb aka Nora Roberts. I'm really only buying this book because I have an almost religious following for all JD Robb books. There's only one short story in here by her, but I'm getting it anyway! Hopefully I will enjoy the other short stories as much. Which brings me to.....

Release Date: 11/04/08
I REALLY can't wait for this book to be delivered to my door!! (Side note... I'll explain more about my delivery fetish in another blog) This is the latest in the Lt. Eve Dallas series. LOVE THEM!


Release Date: 12/04/08

You mean we get ANOTHER HARRY POTTER BOOK???? Nope, fooled ya. This is just a book "from the wizarding world of Harry Potter" Looks are certainly deceiving with this book! I am excited about this though, because I am a FREAK about Harry Potter and all things related. Just can't get enough!
So that's my end of the year book schedule! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Actually this blog was kind of a pain in the ass because of all the pictures and dates! Oh well.... it killed an hour for me! Whoo Hooo! Come on 5 o'clock!
L8r Sk8tr


Ahhhh.... Halloween!

I just bought my daughter's costume, and a costume for myself. Carley will be a Sparkly Glitter Witch, and I am going to be a Sugar Plum Fairy. I tried to find a pic online, but I wasn't able to. I guess Walmart doesn't sell the same stuff in the store as they do online. Oh well....

I'm really hoping that it's not too cold out this year. Seems like last year I was hot, but I may be wrong.

I LOVE COSTUME PARTIES! I actually love this time of year. It's the only time of year that you can dress like an idiot, or sexy, or grungy, or funny and get away with it without other peole judging the crap out of you! Jamie and I are going to a costume party this year. I went to one last year while Jamie was in Afghanistan. It just wasn't the same! This year we get to go together, and I'm really looking forward to it. He's going to be Santa for Halloween. I think that's just the greatest idea! When was the last time you saw Santa on Halloween, and it wasn't in a movie??? I love it. I wanted to be Mrs. Claus, trying to go with the theme, but all the costumes I looked at online were size 16. I'm so not going to wear THAT much padding. So I went with the fairy instead. I even got cool eye lashes, too! I just need to find a fairy wand and some good shoes to go with it and I'm all set. I wonder if I can find a cheap pair of pink faux ballerina slippers or something? I'll have to go on Craig's list.

I'm starting to get the dreaded "OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT CHRISTMAS?!?!?!?!?" thing going on. 2 months people! It always comes at you way too fast and soon. I remember thinking Wow, Christmas is 4 months away. It seems like I was only thinking that a couple weeks ago, then BAM! Ha ha... guess what! You are in the holiday season! I always say I'm going to be prepared, but I never am. It sucks. At least my family will be easy this year. Books and video games! That's all they are getting. Oops... almost spoiled the surprise or it all by typing out what I'm going to get everyone.... No no no... Jamie and Lindy might read it! Yes, they are the only 2 people that read my spew of crap. I think I like it that way, anyway.

Alrighty, I'm going to get. Not that I have any work to do or anything. :)

Bye Bye!

October 2, 2008

I'm bored

So... I'm at work and completely bored. It's just one of those days that I don't want to be here. I thought I'd just type some random stuff.

This World is Weird....

My BFF Lindy sent me this link http://flow-alert.com/ this morning. Do we really need to waste all that money on creating something like that? Seriously. I don't understand that at all. It's just like all of the money that gets wasted on idiotic studies that NO ONE cares about. I don't need to know how many times a year the African beetle mates per year. No one NEEDS to know this. It makes me shake my head... a lot. I wonder where all of the "scientific" people get there money from? We are in a national and worldwide economic crisis, and someone in Japan is creating a robot that rides a unicycle!!!!http://www.ubergizmo.com/15/archives/2008/09/murata_unicycle_robot.html
I just don't understand what this world is coming to! Maybe I am just naive? I hope that's not it! :)

Dream Time!

I've been having odd dreams lately. About a week ago I had a dream that my mother had just disappeared, leaving me to fend for myself and panic about finding her. This is odd b/c she passed away almost 4 yrs ago! Leaves me with the feeling that I have abandonment issues or something. Not what I want! I had thought I had adjusted to her passing, but I'm re-thinking that now. Anyway, I had another dream 2 nights ago that Carley and I were swimming at Disney World and that she got out of the "ocean" (yes, I know this doesn't make any sense, but, it is a dream... :) and she kept brushing herself off. Well she finally got frustrated and said "mom, they won't get off me!" so I go in for a closer look and she's got creepy crawlies all over her! EWE! But, in the dream I didn't freak out. I just sighed and said "come here and I'll help you" and then I started to comb the worms and bugs out of her hair. They proceeded to fall on me and turn into leeches and then I couldn't get them off. It was a VERY strange dream. I very rarely have weird/scary weird dreams and these have been bugging me. Maybe my brain is just playing catch up, or something. I dunno, but I keep obsessing about them.

RaNdOm CrAp:

UGH! I so do not want to be at work today. It's just a big fat BLAH day.

I'm ready for this damn heat to stop and the decent weather to come back. I'm tired of using my air conditioner! Of course this also means that I have to go cool weather clothes shopping, which I hate! I guess I don't mind the shopping so much as I mind the LOSING of the sweaters! Carley cannot keep a sweater all winter to save her life. It's just one more thing that drives me batty.

Alright... I'm going to go now. I feel like I have spewed enough crap for one day. Tomorrow is another day!


So.. I'm a blog virgin. What's it to ya?

Wow, I have a blog now.

So....... You can see all about me over to the right, which is cool cause I don't have to repeat myself over here. I'm pretty simple. I like things to be simple and drama free. I like hanging out with my family and my BFF, Lindy, and I LOVE to read. You'll probably read a lot of stuff about the book that I'm currently pouring though in here. If you are reading at all. :)

Anyway, my dog Sam chewed up my sunglasses last night! I woke up this morning, with him on my bed chomping on something. I say "Sam, what are you eating?" He looks at me and bolts off the bed leaving the lenses of my sunglasses behind! I was so pissed! I still am pissed! That stupid fucking dog ALWAYS chews my shit! I buy BILLIONS of toys, and chewies, and pigs ears, and balls and all sorts of crap! CHEW YOUR OWN SHIT! God, that dog is pissing me off.

Anyway... So, I didn't think I was going to be writing very much for my first post, but it seems like I have. I have a tendency to whine a bit, so if you are reading this, READER BEWARE! LOL.... I'm a bit of a dork also. :)

I'm out for now.

Please forgive the typos, and grammar errors. :)