October 3, 2008


Ahhhh.... Halloween!

I just bought my daughter's costume, and a costume for myself. Carley will be a Sparkly Glitter Witch, and I am going to be a Sugar Plum Fairy. I tried to find a pic online, but I wasn't able to. I guess Walmart doesn't sell the same stuff in the store as they do online. Oh well....

I'm really hoping that it's not too cold out this year. Seems like last year I was hot, but I may be wrong.

I LOVE COSTUME PARTIES! I actually love this time of year. It's the only time of year that you can dress like an idiot, or sexy, or grungy, or funny and get away with it without other peole judging the crap out of you! Jamie and I are going to a costume party this year. I went to one last year while Jamie was in Afghanistan. It just wasn't the same! This year we get to go together, and I'm really looking forward to it. He's going to be Santa for Halloween. I think that's just the greatest idea! When was the last time you saw Santa on Halloween, and it wasn't in a movie??? I love it. I wanted to be Mrs. Claus, trying to go with the theme, but all the costumes I looked at online were size 16. I'm so not going to wear THAT much padding. So I went with the fairy instead. I even got cool eye lashes, too! I just need to find a fairy wand and some good shoes to go with it and I'm all set. I wonder if I can find a cheap pair of pink faux ballerina slippers or something? I'll have to go on Craig's list.

I'm starting to get the dreaded "OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT CHRISTMAS?!?!?!?!?" thing going on. 2 months people! It always comes at you way too fast and soon. I remember thinking Wow, Christmas is 4 months away. It seems like I was only thinking that a couple weeks ago, then BAM! Ha ha... guess what! You are in the holiday season! I always say I'm going to be prepared, but I never am. It sucks. At least my family will be easy this year. Books and video games! That's all they are getting. Oops... almost spoiled the surprise or it all by typing out what I'm going to get everyone.... No no no... Jamie and Lindy might read it! Yes, they are the only 2 people that read my spew of crap. I think I like it that way, anyway.

Alrighty, I'm going to get. Not that I have any work to do or anything. :)

Bye Bye!

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