April 16, 2010


Things that I find awesome.

My daughter-
She is getting so big and growing into a young lady. She's still got a bit of that kid thing going on, where she doesn't listen sometimes. However, it's the little things she does sometimes that seem so grown up. She's starting to do her own laundry and recently she got a new dress. I told her that I need her to put her laundry in the washer, and picked up the dress to see how to wash it. I told her that it needs to be washed in cold water, and she said " Ok, but should I wash it individually??" I just looked at her for a minute thinking, where did my little girl go?

Getting to cuddle with my husband in the morning-
Jamie works a weird set of hours, so he's gone every morning when I wake up, except for Thursday thru Saturday. So the mornings that he is home, we get to cuddle in bed for a few minutes before the chaos of the morning ritual starts. It really makes you appreciate what you have, if you have to do without it for a while.

Great Friends-
I have to say I think Jamie and have have a really good group of friends. I know that not many people can say that. I don't have a lot of family, so having great friends is very important to me. Seems to me that we really lucked out. If you are reading this, you know who you are!

Catching nothing but green lights-
Red lights suck.

Cause Tacos rule!


My birthday-
I love my birthday because it's the only day that its ALL ABOUT ME!

I am an avid reader. I love books of all kinds. I covet the e-reader but only because I can buy books for cheap and download them in 60 seconds. I think I would really prefer to have an actual book in my hands though. A book can't short out on you, a book doesn't need to be charged. Technology is awesome, but there is something to be said for the old skool method when it comes to books.

People with common sense-
It is a very rare occurrence when you meet someone who has common sense. I talk to idiots all day long so it's very refreshing when I get to talk to that .0001% of the population that has common sense.

Not being sick-
I feel like I am getting a chest cold. I hate being sick.

April 12, 2010

The Gremlin

Dear Fast Food Franchises and Employees,

I have a 30 minute break for lunch. I pull into your drive thru and I give you my specific order, and I give it to you very clearly enunciated. You read my order back to me and I verify that it is correct.

Somewhere between the buttons you are pushing, the printing of my order, my giving you money for the food, to the employee that makes the food, there must be an evil little Gremlin who jumbles my order around and gets everything mixed up. I can't figure out any other reason why my order, given and verified, would come to me incorrectly. I know that the employees can read because you had to fill out an application, right? So it can't be that. When I get my receipt I look at it to double check that it looks right and it does! There can't be that much difference between my receipt and your order up screen, right? It's gotta be the Gremlin!!

So please, please, please investigate this Gremlin that causes my order to come to me incorrectly. Save myself and my friends the anger of a wrong order! I beg of you!