October 2, 2008

So.. I'm a blog virgin. What's it to ya?

Wow, I have a blog now.

So....... You can see all about me over to the right, which is cool cause I don't have to repeat myself over here. I'm pretty simple. I like things to be simple and drama free. I like hanging out with my family and my BFF, Lindy, and I LOVE to read. You'll probably read a lot of stuff about the book that I'm currently pouring though in here. If you are reading at all. :)

Anyway, my dog Sam chewed up my sunglasses last night! I woke up this morning, with him on my bed chomping on something. I say "Sam, what are you eating?" He looks at me and bolts off the bed leaving the lenses of my sunglasses behind! I was so pissed! I still am pissed! That stupid fucking dog ALWAYS chews my shit! I buy BILLIONS of toys, and chewies, and pigs ears, and balls and all sorts of crap! CHEW YOUR OWN SHIT! God, that dog is pissing me off.

Anyway... So, I didn't think I was going to be writing very much for my first post, but it seems like I have. I have a tendency to whine a bit, so if you are reading this, READER BEWARE! LOL.... I'm a bit of a dork also. :)

I'm out for now.

Please forgive the typos, and grammar errors. :)

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