November 12, 2008

Some Vegas pics

I was sick as a dog the last 2 days, so i didn't get a chance to get all the pics I wanted to post here. Jamie was thoughtful enough to send me a couple of pics this morning so I could post them here. :) Thanks love!

Here I am posing with this lovely car. I have no idea what it was. Jamie just decided he wanted a pic of me with it. :) This was the 3rd day of SEMA, so I was pretty tired.

This is after we left SEMA on the 3rd day. I think this was at our hotel casino bar. I'm not sure though.

Carley gave me a lobster to take with me so that I could have something of hers there. So we took a bunch of pictures of the lobster in various places.

This is at our hotel buffet. It's a Mr. Lobster and a crawdad with lemon!

Flying Mr. Lobster on a slot machine. I'm obviously winning nothing!

This is where I won the most money this trip. It's the Monopoly BIG EVENT! I won $138 on this machine. Mr. Lobster was happy... can't you tell?

Mr. Lobster on a HUGE tire. This tire was on a little stand and it is taller then I am.

That's all I've got for now, but there are TONS of pictures I'll be bringing in for tomorrow.
We had fun, but I think I'm still tired from it! Mr. Lobster was exhausted too!
Mmmmmm... so sleepy..... butter.... yum....
-Rock Lobster!

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