November 3, 2008


I'm SO ready to go! Well, technically, I'm not at all ready. I still have to pack and all that junk! I am mentally and physically prepared though!


Here's a pic of the new truck we bought.

This is the truck lowered by the magic of photo shop! SWEET! This thing is a BEAST. I love it. Totally awesome. Plus, the insurance on it is super cheap! It's huge on the inside and it's in really decent condition. You can fit 6 in it and still be comfortable. It also is a diesel, and has 3 GAS TANKS! I don't think we will ever fill up all of the tanks at once. Wat too much money. It would last for forever though!

Alright... gotta get some work done before I leave today.

-**Ding, Ding, Ding** I'm a slot machine away from becoming a millionaire!

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