August 14, 2009

Silly Rabbit, Rules are for NERDS


We started Carley on ADD meds last Sunday and I am so impressed with the improvement they have made with her anger and bad attitude!! It’s like a totally different kid in there! She seems so much happier now too. She keeps saying (with a little bit of awe) “Mom, I haven’t gotten in trouble at all this week!” So that has been going really well, and I hope that it continues into this new school year.

Speaking of……

Oh Man! It’s back to school time already! Seems like time flies so much when you are an adult. We went to Carley’s meet the teacher night last night and we told of some very interesting changes in the school program.

Field Trips-

From now on if any parent wants to go on a school field trip, they have to take a Parent Volunteer Class. It’s a 30 minute class and it’s good for 5 years, but I am wondering if I agree with it or not. I suppose it really doesn’t matter because I’m going to have to do it anyway. One half of me feels like this is probably a good thing, because not all parents have it altogether. There are some parents that just shouldn’t have kids, but do those types of parents really go on field trips as chaperones? Then the other half of me is sort of insulted that they think I need to take a class to walk around the zoo with 5 kids. Well, like I said I suppose it really doesn’t matter cause I have to take the class.

Classroom Snacks-

The Arizona Health Department has stepped in and decided that all treats brought into the classroom now have to include at least 1 gram of Fiber. WHAT THE HELL? This is possibly the most retarded rule I have ever heard of! So not only do I have to bring in STORE bought items, NOW they have to have FIBER. I can bring in RAISINS for my kids birthday. This potential ruins all in school parties and functions forever! I wholeheartedly disagree with this new rule. If I was Calvin I would be on my truck’s back window pissing on this rule. Do we have to ruin EVERYTHING fun about school?


They are sharing PE, Music, and Art teachers with another school. Don’t even get me started on the budget cuts issue though. GRRR…

So aside from all of this crappiness, I got to meet Carley’s new teacher. She seems very nice. But, really... would she come off as bitchy when we are meeting her for the first time? Probably not. She’s a sports fanatic, so that’s going to be a bit of a change for Carley. Hopefully it will get her into sports or some outdoor activities a little more.

Carley has a student teacher in her classroom this year, and it just so happens that I went to school with this girl. I think she graduated the year after me. So that was a little bit of a trip.

I also think it’s crazy how many friends my daughter has! We were walking thru the school and she’s constantly saying hello to people and all of her little girlfriends are running up to her and squealing and such. It’s so funny how quickly you forget that school is cliques and groups and silly girls and boy trying to act cool. Ah, to be 10 again. LOL

So Monday is the big day for Carley. She said she wasn’t excited, but once she got to the school and saw all her friends and got the supply list she was raring to go. This makes me happy.

Ass Hat-
(or one more thing that pisses me off endlessly)

On the “Father” front; Carley mentioned that she wants to start going back to her Dad’s house again and that she would just deal with her evil step mom. I discussed it with Jamie and he said that if she wants to go, we should let her. So she is going over there this weekend. I’m not sure how I feel about it except that I want to rip her stepmom’s head off still.

I’m torn between recognizing a lost cause when I see one, knowing that she really doesn’t care how I feel, and talking to her about what happened. I know that if I start a conversation about it, it will just turn into an argument, so I’m leaning towards just leaving the issue lie. BUT, I really hate her. I really, really want to punch her in the face… repeatedly. *SIGH* I guess I will just save my hatred up until the day Carley turns 18 and then I will unleash it. It should be glorious.

Until then... I will just beat my husband. He quite enjoys it. LOL


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