September 9, 2009

ADD update

We started Carley on ADD medication on the 9th of August so it's been exactly a month today. Things have been going really well for Carley. She's feeling better, she's able to focus more, she's getting better grades, she's finishing her homework in class and she just in a way better mood. I attribute the better mood to her not getting in trouble as often as she used to. She still gets yelled at every once in awhile, but it's nothing like it used to be. Because of her attitude change she and I have has the best relationship we've had in about a year. We actually like each other again. It's amazing to me. I'm happy that it's working and she's happy and therefore we are all happy! There have been a few side effects I've noticed, but they are calming down now that she's adjusting to the medication. The benefits greatly out way the side effects in this situation.
So happy is a great thing.

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