October 17, 2008


I'm so glad its Friday. It's been a long week. This weekend should be pretty cool. I'm going to my friends wedding on Saturday, and then NOTHING! I really like doing nothing on my weekends. I think that's what weekends are made for. I also think we should have a 2 day work week, and a 5 day weekend but i don't think I'm the only one who feels that way.

So here's the random link for this Friday. I really really like this website. Some of the items are really funny, and some are just cute, but all are great!


So, I'm going to be really busy for the next 4 weekends! This is pretty rare for me, because as I mentioned earlier, I really like doing nothing on my weekends. This weekend is the Wedding. Next weekend is Wayne's Halloween Party. The weekend after that is Halloween, and then on the 4th weekend I will be in LAS VEGAS! I reiterate the need and excitement I have for my trip (please see last blog)!!! I'M READY!!!! Wow, I just had a Spongebob flash. Ewe. I love Spongebob, but I don't like to think abut him at 8:30 AM. Or anytime I'm not watching him on TV.

Work has been really slow. It makes me lazy. Yesterday, I had a crazy person on the phone. It was entertaining for a minute, and then I was over it. I hate it when work is slow. It makes my day soooooo much longer then it really needs to be. I will probably have to create some stuff to do so that I don't go crazy waiting for 5:00 PM to come. Yea for Cold Calling! BLEH!

So I'm ready for the election to be over and done with. I know who I'm going to Vote for and I'm just ready to do it. I'm really tired of seeing all of these attack ads on the TV, too. I think that every other commercial is something negative about someone. I hate that. I also just heard his clip from the Howard Stern Show this morning about Barack Obama. Sterns guy was interviewing people in Harlem about there preference for Obama or McCain. All 3 of them said they were Obama supporters. So the interviewer asked them some questions on why they support Obama, then he replaced Obama policies with McCain's. NONE of them knew the difference! They had no clue what Obama or McCain's policies were. This makes me sad. If you are going to vote, I really think you should know what you are voting for! Make an informed decision people! I know it's confusing, but there are ways to find out what each candidate is for and the policies they are supposedly going to implement!

I just heard the phrase Rosta Nipples! ROSTA NIPPLES!!! What a neat phrase!!!

Anyway, enough about the politics.

I really have no idea what I'm going to wear to this wedding this weekend. Ah, such a dilemma! I have 2 dresses I'm trying to choose from. I really want to wear the more formal one, but my husband will look very under dressed if I do. So I think I'm going with the less formal one. It's pretty cute. I haven't worn in for about 3 years, so I'm hoping it will still fit! It's supposed to be really nice this weekend, so it will be perfect.

I'm listening to the radio right now and they are discussing sex in the workplace. I can't believe the amount of people who have had sex while they were supposed to be working! I've never even thought about doing that anywhere near work! Maybe I'm just boring, but I just don't think that would be very sexy at all. I suppose that it would all depend on the situation though. Plus, I've been married for 4 years, so I'm sure I've gotten a little safe, too!

Well, I hope you enjoy the link, and my rambling. Off to work I force myself to go!

-See ya, wouldn't want to be ya! (just kidding:)

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