October 20, 2008

Monday.... again.... bleh....

Good morning.

It's Monday.

I hate Monday.

I especially hate Mondays when I've spent all day Sunday hung over and immobile.

The Wedding on Saturday was really great. I cried. Then I got stupid drunk and danced my little ass off. There was a bunch of people I know there so that made it even better. I hate it when you go to a wedding and you know no one. This time was great. Even Jamie had a good time. He very rarely has a good time at functions like a wedding. No pictures, though, as we forgot the camera! I always forget the camera, but Jamie is usually the one remembering it for me. He forgot this time as well. Oh well!

Anyway, the wedding was beautiful and the reception was way fun. Once the toasts were over everything went pretty quickly. We ate, and then they cut the cake and did the first dances and stuff. Jamie danced with me a lot, so I was very happy. He likes to think he's not a dancer, but he's actually better then your average white dude. After a while we all ended up going to hurricane. Jamie and I made a pit stop for some nooky on the way there, so we were the last ones to arrive. Then I did something dumb. I did a shot! By the time we got home I was so ready to puke, and ended up doing so like 3 times. It was nasty. I was still VERY hungover the next day, so I'm really glad that I threw up. I would have been is WAY worse shape yesterday if I hadn't. Okay, so enough puke talk.

I did NOTHING all day Sunday. I laid on the couch and caught up on all of the shows I recorded. No I have a pile of laundry still waiting for me and dirty toilets. Oh well, guess I know what I'm doing tonight. :) BLAH!

That was my weekend. This coming weekend we have the Halloween party. Not too sure if that's still going to happen though, as the dude who's throwing the party got fired from his job yesterday. :( No Moolah = No Party! I suppose we will have to see though.

Jamie sent me this email yesterday with really old games in it. When you open the attachment, they all open in Excel. I had NO IDEA you could do that with an Excel Spreadsheet. It's totally awesome. They have Sonic, PacMan, Tetris, a Golf Game and a game called Bloody Penguin. In that game you hit the penguin with a club to see how far you can get him to fly. When you hit him with the club he gets cut in half and his bloody head flies! I got as far as 677 ft. With I thought was pretty impressive. :) It's fun stuff.

2 WEEKS UNTIL I'M IN VEGAS!!!! Well, actually, 2 weeks and a day. I'm super duper excited! It's going to be great. I just wish I could not pay bills this month, and take all that money to Vegas with me. *SIGH* I know... pipe dreams.... :) That would be really great though.

So I'm re-reading a series book. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is the first in the series. The movie comes out on November 21st. I'm pretty excited for that too. I wish it was Harry Potter that we were going to see on that day, but I'm okay with seeing this movie first. I had forgotten how much I like these books. They are even better the second time around, cause I already know where all of the slow parts are so I can skim. I like to re-read the book before I see the movie so that I can complain (loudly, and often) about what they missed, or what they changed completely. I don't understand why they change things around when they make a movie out of a book. The book was good enough to make a movie out of, so why change it? The changes almost always make the movie horrible. I get that you have to adapt the book for the movie screen, but I don't think it;s necessary to change or add stuff. I hate that! Yet, I still refuse to NOT go see it. If I've read it, I HAVE TO SEE IT. I know. I'm weird. Lindy is the total opposite. She doesn't like to see the movies, or shows that are adapted from books. Turns out that she wants to see Twilight with me, so I'm happy! I'm glad she changed her mind. I hope they don't ruin it for us though. I already know that the climax had been changed in the movie, from the trailer I saw. They expanded what really happened. I'm not sure I care about that too much though. We shall see how it works out.

Alright, I'm off to lunch.


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