December 4, 2008

Ahhhh..... Chuck E. ......

Lindy, Jamie, myself, Adia, Landon, and Carley met up at Chuck E. Cheeses last night. The convo was good, but the food gave me an upset stomach! It tasted good while I was eating it, but I paid for it later. This was just about the best thing to come out of that place in a long time:

Lindy and I nicknamed this picture The Blaire Witch Project! It's just creepy. And funny, and typical of my daughter. She LOVES funny faces. maybe she'll grow up to be a comedian! :)

Next is a good one of Carley and Adia. I like this one, it's sweet:

Here's Carley again with the funny faces. She cracks me up:

She's a HOOT!
I guess that's really all for now.
Happy Thursday!!!
-Blaire Witch is back in style!

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