December 2, 2008

Wow.... 23 days left!

Whew! I'm glad Thanksgiving is over. It went really well. The only thing that really went wrong is that my turkey was done 3 hours early! It said on the package that a 20 lb bird took 6 to 7 hours to cook and we stuffed it, so I needed to add an extra hour... so 7 to 8 hours. I wanted to eat at 3 so I put the birdy in at 6:30 that morning and it was done by noon! It's my luck that it's done early instead of the normal late turkey. Oh well though, it tasted great and we had tons of food that is still sitting in my fridge. :) Leftovers seem to hang out for awhile in my house.
Oh well.... It was a good day, and I hope all of you had a great one also.

It was a pretty good weekend over all. Lots of friends and family and drinking and fun. Now, we look forward to Christmas! I'm sort of Bah Humbug this year. I feel like I just want to get the present buying out of the way and get this holiday over with! I did have fun decorating this year, and I should be happy because I get to have my husband home for Christmas, but I feel annoyed. Not that he's home, just annoyed at Christmas altogether. I guess that's a part of getting older and realizing that it's a very commercial holiday. My kid fascination with it is now completely gone. I hate to think how I would feel if I didn't have a daughter! I think she's the only thing compelling me to try to enjoy the holiday. She's getting harder and harder to shop for though, so now I have to put actual thought into it all. maybe it's just my laziness coming out. :) That's probably it!

I'm going to attempt to get all my shopping done this weekend. I don't have that much to buy, but it feels like a daunting task. I only have Carley and Lindy's kids and my Sister in law left to do, but I feel like I gotta get it DONE! Then there are my co-workers. Do I or don't I? I think I'll just do the old fall back. Christmas cards with Scratcher in them. The perfect gift for the someone you don't really know all that well!

So, I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season more then I am. I hope that my bah hum bugginess goes away soon. I usually really like this holiday. :) Ho ho ho!

-Santa is pulling his pants down and mooning us all!

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