July 10, 2009

I'm whiney

I have a skinny person dilemma. Believe you me; I am not trying to illicit sympathy. I just wanna bitch about something and this has been on my mind for awhile. SO for all of you that hate skinny people whining about our problems, please tune out for this installment.
My dilemma: I have some parts that have developed into adult size clothing, and some that are still stuck on Junior.
To explain- My waist is Junior and my Thighs are Adult. My boobs are junior but my upper arms are adult. This makes it pretty hard for me to find comfortable clothing!
I cannot buy long sleeve junior shirts or sweaters. Apparently my upper arms are all about the adulthood cause the matured WAY before the rest of me! This isn’t as much of a problem for me as pants are though.
I have on a pair of jeans that are a size 5* in juniors. Apparently when you are a junior’s size 5* your thighs are TEENY TINY! My jeans bunch unattractively when I walk and I have to wear a belt, otherwise I’ll be advertising my crescent to everyone. Even with a belt I have to pull my pants up when I stand up or they bunch and I look like I dropped a load in my pants!
Why not skip the junior pants? Well it’s because I am a size 2 in women’s. Have you ever tried to find a size 2 in women’s? Almost impossible. Not to mention that when I buy a size 2 pant, they are hanging off of me. Then I have a height issue. I cannot go to your regular department store and buy pants b/c they end up being high waters after one wash. SO I have to order them. The only websites that make pants with an inseam long enough for a Sasquatch are Junior’s websites! These websites are the bane of my existence. They are expensive and the clothes are made for the smallest teenagers imaginable! Like you seriously have to be a size Zero to fit into a size 3 made by them! SO I have to guess at what size I need to order and then if they don’t fit I have to pay to ship them back! It’s really irritating.
*so yeah you guessed it, my size 5’s are actually a size 7 on the label.
Don’t even get me started on trying to buy Dress Pants!! Every pair of dress pants I own has the hem taken out of them b/c they are never long enough!

So, hate me or sympathize…. Doesn’t matter. I just wanted to bitch about it.

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