July 6, 2009


Our vacation was fabulous! We had the best time! It was very relaxing and it was totally what we needed. We went to the beach, met up with friends, enjoyed the weather and went to Knott’s Berry Farm. That was a bunch of fun, and they gave us a 50% discount for the military!

Here are some pictures:

This was on the way home. The pictures are backwards, because I was lazy and didn't want to put them in order.

Carley got a little bored on the way home and grabbed the camera.

I took this one. She's such a ham!

These palm trees get me every time we go to Cali. I don't understand why they would plant them like this and then let them die! I wonder about it every time I see them, so this time I decided to take pictures of them.

My fantastic beach sand animals!

Jamie was sleepy!

Crazy ride! it was fun!

Jamie and Carley on the bumper cars

They played dead! You can't really see it but they both had their tongues stickin out! CUTE!

Our toes in the sand.

This picture I took last second. It was just sitting on the ground. You don't see this very often!

Carley was trying to chase the ducks in the pond by our hotel.

Carley and Jamie in the Spa at the hotel.

We stopped for breakfast on the way to Cali. Yum!

Jamie driving us to Cali

This is Max (left) and Sam (right). Sam is our dog and Max is Tom's dog.

This is my cat stinky. How she got her name is a long story and I'll have to tell you later.

This is Felix. We call him Fee or Feester.

Stinky makes a good sandwich board.

And this is Carley and I on our roller coaster ride. I think I was more freaked then she was!! LOL

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