July 6, 2009


Things that piss me off:

- Mondays
- Being asked to select one to continue in English. Since when is English a secondary language? Shouldn't I have to select one if I want to continue in Spanish?
- Even having a continue in Spanish selection for companies based in the USA
- Tuesdays
- Automated phone menus that are voice response. They ALWAYS react to some damn background noise!
- People that drive minus 2 MPH over speed bumps. Really? Are you serious? Also, a special ‘WTF, are you a retard?’ to the people that do this in their 4WD vehicles. I hate you with a passion and someday I will run one of you over.
- Wednesdays
- People that are waiting to cross as you drive thru a parking lot and don’t acknowledge that you made a special stop just for their fat asses to cross. A nice wave, or a head nod is all I’m asking. YES, I CAN RUN YOU OVER IF I CHOOSE. Douche bags.
- Scary movies that are rated PG-13. Please! Don’t bother making them cause we all know that they are going to be retarded and geared for teenagers. Yuck.
- Thursdays
- People that get pissed off that they are being solicited by our company. Maybe you didn’t take economics 101, but that’s how companies MAKE MONEY. There are plenty of people out there that will buy our stuff from a postcard, but we are supposed to know that YOU are too good to get shanghaied into buying our stuff. We are supposed to be psychic? I don’t mind that you request to be removed from our list, but don’t curse at me, ok?
- Friday’s until 5PM. Then Fridays are the best.
- Customers that think they know more about insurance then I do. Whatever.
- Commercials in the movies. Enough said.

Let me know if you have anything that pisses you off.

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