December 31, 2009


Wow. Today is the very last day of 2009. What a crappy year! It feel like I went through so much, but then when I look back at it, it still feels like it was all yesterday. Well, I say GOOD RIDDANCE to all of it and Welcome the New Year and a new beginning.

Hopefully this year will be a good one. I am actually making a Resolution this year. It’s my first time. I guess things change as you get older, but I never thought I would ever make a Resolution. I’m going with the familiar standard resolution of exercising more often and trying to watch what I eat and drink. This week was BINGE week! LOL, but the pants are starting to get tighter and tighter and I just don’t feel healthy. So while I am reluctant to say the word DIET, that’s pretty much what I’ll be doing.

I’m ending 2009 with no job and, scarily, no prospect of a job. The bright side of this is I get to spend more time with my Family, and I have all the time in the world to Exercise. The down side is (obviously) no money.

But I am determined not to let that get me down. Plenty of people are living lean right now, and plenty of people are making it work. Cutting back for the first time in my life should be interesting, to say the least. I have always been able to live comfortably and have been able to have unnecessary amenities.

So, I say adieu to my DVR and my premium cable package. Adieu to the Victoria’s Secret credit account. Adieu (hopefully) to my gas guzzling vehicle. Adieu to having coke in the fridge constantly. Adieu to eating out. Adieu to everything awesome and unnecessary! Should be very interesting! I know my husband is going to have a hard time cutting back as well.

I hope everyone has a great New Year’s Eve and a wonderful 2010. I know that I am determined to make it a better year. When you are down at the bottom, the only way to go is up!!!


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