December 15, 2009

My Subconscious is an Asshole

So last night I had a disturbing dream.
I am certain that it was a product of all of the stress I am under, but it made me feel like an asshole. I am looking for a new job because I am being laid off from my current on at the end of December. As of right this very minute I have applied for 180 positions, and I have had 2 interviews that have gone to the final level, but I have not been offered employment. Also, my husband had to go back to a job he hates so that he can get a steady source of income. That makes me feel bad. My daughter has started puberty and is acting like a maniac most of the time. So, stress is my middle name.

I dreamt about my daughter dying last night. I was (understandably) horribly crushed until I realized that I have a life insurance policy on her. Instantly (in the dream) I felt a sense of relief. I think this makes my subconscious an asshole. I would never ever be happy at the untimely death of my daughter and I know that I would feel less stressed if I wasn’t worried about money right now. So, I think that the fact that my daughter is driving me up the wall and I am uber stressed about money, made my mind put the two together. It was one of those dreams that you wake up from, only to go back to sleep and fall into the same dream again. So, all of last night was spent in dreamland crying my eyes out and feeling like a jerk wad.

I’ve also had dreams in which my husband is cheating on me and I wake up mad at him for no reason the next day. Like SUPER pissed. Then I realize I am an idiot and slowly get over it. Dreams are pretty powerful, and sometimes a little retarded.

So, what I want to know is, Have you ever had any dream that made you feel like a selfish idiot or that have made you feel something through the next day?

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